Email Feds Student Council MembersThe Student Council exists to make decisions and they need input, please email 1 or all of the councillors with suggestions or concerns. List of Councillors and Information on Council IS Councillor = Matt Heppler(
Submit a Piece on the IS/ISS to the Media Remeber you can also use media external to campus, it would even be a good idea to do so.
Write Letters/Email, Phone Institutions you Wish to ChangeThe more personal the communication method the more likely they are to listen to you.
Start a Conversation With AnyonePeronsal connections are so important. Bring up IS as often as you can, I wish some one had told me about it when i was younger, you will find people will be interested in IS as many people are unhappy with their current programs of study.
Give IS/ISS a PresenceWrite about IS on your blog, wear IS on your t-shirt, post about IS on your electronic networking groups.
Come up IdeasSend me all of your Ideas for Independent Studies and the Society. If you can follow through with your idea great, and if not, maybe i can run with it. Ideas are never bad, let your voice be heard, we are all bring creative individuals. my email is mheppler@artsmail.uwaterloo. please email with ideas.